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Portable Car Jump Starter 6600mAh

Model: ELB-SPK-ZG04
Capacity: 6600 mAh    
UL Certified Battery cells    
Input: 15V/1A    
Output: 5V/2A             
Starting Current: 200A       
Peak Current: 400A        
Charging time:  4 hours  
Cyclying: 1000 times

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A Real Life Saver

Make sure you and your loved ones can get home when stranded. This will jump start your 2L engine up to 5 times on a single charge;Compatible with a LED flash light.

Advanced Safety

FCC,CE,ROHS;UL Certified Battery cells, circuitry and safety features protect you and your device from surges or short circuits.


Ultra Compact

Slim enough to store in your glovebox,light enough to pack in your bag.

Portable USB Charger

Whether for emergencies or daily use, charge your phones, tablets and other devices through USB port.

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