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[Eco Series] Portable Power Bank 7800mAh

Model: ELB-POB-0203
Battery Type:  18650 Lithium Ion
Real Capacity: 6600 mAh
Input:  DC 5V 1A
Dual Output: DC 5V 1A-2.1A                                      
Product Size: 102.5*63.5*23mm                                                       
Net Weight: 198g                
Recycling Times:  ≥500
Colors: Various for choices

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Eco Series Power Bank

Elivebuy product10.17

Various for your choices!

They have various capacities, various sizes and various colors for your choices!

No Matter you are a businessmen, students or others, you can choose a perfect one just for you!

High Capacity 7800mAh

It is available to charge almost all kinds of mobile phone about three times, which frees you from losing your power!

Safe & Smart

It is made of A-level 18650 Lithion batteries which guarantees its reliability and safety. And because of its smart output, it is able to charge two mobiles simultaneously, or a combination of tablets!

Power Your Various Devices

It is compatible with your mobile phones, MP3, MP4, and other consumer electronics devices.

User-friendly & Cool Design

Simple and classical, it rightly fits your palm to take. Also its dual USB ports makes it available for you to share your power with your friends at the same time!

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